Slave o’ Clock Black Couples Essentials Kit 10Pcs/Set
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Slave o’ Clock Black Couples Essentials Kit 10Pcs/Set



  • top quality feel
  • an amazing gift for that special someone
  • gentle tactile sensations
  • everyone should add to his or her bedroom play set
  • great for teasing


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Looking to excite your partner? We’re all looking for ways to stimulate our senses during foreplay, so what do we do once we’ve used every part of our body? It’s a problem, but we have a few suggestions for you with this exciting 10Pc BDSM Bondage Set. It includes:

Wrist and Ankle Cuffs:
Made from soft faux fur for maximum comfort and zero chafing, each cuff is fastened via a user-friendly buckle strap and feature easy-release clips for safe play.

Ergonomically formed to fit over your sub’s eyes and nose, this blindfold blocks vision and heightens sensitivity to touch. Just like the cuffs, this eye mask is made from squishy Neoprene and faux fur for ultimate comfort, and has an elasticated head band which stretches to fit any head comfortably.

Ball Gag:
With a petite ball and adjustable strap, this ball gag is a great choice for beginners who want the look and feel of being gagged while maintaining prolonged comfort during play.

Leather whip:
This whip boasts soft rope tendrils, which are superb for light tickles, gentle strokes and low-impact spanks. The handle is wrapped with faux leather to offer a comfortable, supreme grip and seamless control. The whip will spread sensation across a wide area for maximum pleasure.

Collar restraint:
Featuring a sexy red and black decor, this collar and leash set is designed to make sure your partner knows who has the control. The collar is lined with fur for maximum comfort and pleasure.

Bondage Strap:
A sneaky addition to this kit, this strap is fully adjustable and benefits from 3 D-rings to give you the power to experiment. Use the strap on its own for wrist or ankle bondage, or use it for furniture restraint. Alternatively, slip it around your sub’s waist and connect the wrist cuffs for hogtie style positioning.

Treat your sub to a unique blend of erotic pinches and titillating tingles with these innovative clamps to give them the shock of their life! Suitable for use anywhere below the waist, these clamps extend between 7mm and 20mm with an adjustable screw to control pinch intensity.

This items doesn’t require much explaining and we will leave this up to you and your partner to fin new ways to restrain each other.

Feather Tickler:
Softly caress your partner into submission with this more precise tickler from Pendo Sensations. This product aids in sensory awakening. Feather ticklers strike an excellent balance between super soft and deliciously sensual. The idea of a feather tickler is to stimulate the sensory system, heighten the feeling across your erogenous zones and enhance the full body experience by increasing the blood flow to the surface of the skin. The feather tickler is not complicated to use and can be the perfect aid in any sexual experience and a great way to explore the senses together with your loved one. You might even find it adds a little fun and laughter into the mix

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